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October 28, 2020
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Home Remedies For Healthy Teeth

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While everyone should visit the dentist at least once per year, it's getting more and more expensive to have even the simplest procedures done. Cleaning your teeth, getting cavities filled are hardly cheap and if you need something more complicated like a root canal or crown you'd better be ready to pay a hefty sum. That's why you're better off protecting your dental health in as many ways as possible, so when you do see your dentist, you won't have to empty out your bank account or max out your credit card.

One area that's commonly neglected in the mouth is the tongue. It's not hard to clean and scrape your tongue, and it can make a big difference in a number of areas. Bacteria accumulates on the tongue if you don't clean it, and this can lead to bad breath and even gum disease and tooth decay. While brushing your tongue with your toothbrush is certainly better than nothing, it's best to get a tongue cleaner or scraper. You can find these in many pharmacies as well as online, and they are usually less than $10. If you're not used to cleaning your tongue, one of the first things you'll notice when you start is that your breath is fresher. There are also many other benefits to your dental health, so this is something worth doing every day. Some books, articles and websites will advise you to use baking soda to brush your teeth or to clean your teeth with hydrogen peroxide. Both of these items are cheap and can indeed clean your teeth, but in the long run both are abrasive and can strip away the protective enamel of your teeth. You're better off using a toothpaste that includes ingredients such as baking soda. Another home remedy that's very beneficial in many ways is apple cider vinegar, yet, again, you shouldn't use it without diluting it as the acidity can harm your teeth over time. So before using any substances to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth, research the long term effects.

One of the most common things we hear today when it comes to your health is to drink more water. This is good for losing weight, increasing your metabolism, feeling better emotionally and also for the health of your teeth and gums. Keeping your body well hydrated is one of the best ways to keep your immune system strong and to get rid of bacteria that can cause many problems, including tooth decay. Sparkling water is not a good idea, as this has the same problem as soda and can be harmful to your teeth. Drinking water alone is not enough to keep your teeth healthy, but it's one step that's good for your overall health and your mouth as well.

Keeping your teeth in good condition is a matter of practicing good oral hygiene on a daily basis. Simple things like drinking more water, avoiding sweets and eating healthier foods can also make a big difference. Your teeth and gums can remain healthy and strong if you follow these guidelines and make regular visits to your dentist.


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